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Threshold Guide

Choosing the correct Threshold is important, read our threshold guide below or call us now to speak with our experts to discuss the best option for your home.

The importance of thresholds

Thresholds are probably one of the most important function in today’s manufacture of Composite doors, without one the door would have no draught barrier at the bottom of the door, also rain water would penetrate in ruining carpets wood laminates and the like.

Choosing the right threshold

Part M Mobility Threshold (Low Aluminium) for instance would be required for Wheelchair users ease of access or for those people that find it difficult to raise their legs when stepping into their homes , putting a high Threshold in would hinder Wheelchair users access.

You would not be able to put a low Ali Threshold on an inward opening Composite door for example if the internal floor level is higher than the Threshold as the door simply would not open.

To overcome this type of issue a higher “FULL FRAME UPVC THRESHOLD” would be recommended.

If you are unsure which Threshold would be best for you when buying your Composite Door you should always seek professional advice because if the door is manufactured with the wrong type of Threshold it will be an expensive mistake to make as the door would be rendered useless as these cannot be rectified once manufactured.

PVC Threshold options

PVC & No Cill
(concrete or other exisiting)

PVC & Stub Cill
(concrete or other exisiting)

PVC & 150mm Cill
(on existing damp course brickwork)

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