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Solid Core

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The Premium
Solid Core Collection

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This is a premium collection of beautiful traditional and contemporary front doors, engineered to deliver exceptional strength and performance.

Caunton Grill
Clumber Grill
Fully Glazed
Halam Handle
Halam Hinge
Kelham Grill
Maple Arch
Maple Eyebrow
Maple Solid
Maple Square
Minster 1
Minster 2
Minster 2 Grill
Minster 3
Minster 3 Sunburst
Minster Sunburst
Normanton 2 Handle
Normanton 2 Hinge
Urban Halam
Urban Halam Handle
Urban Halam Hinge
Urban Wellow 4
Urban Wellow 4 Handle
Urban Wellow 4 Hinge
Urban Wellow 5 Curve Handle
Urban Wellow 5 Curve Hinge
Wellow 2
Wellow 3 Handle
Wellow 3 Hinge
Wellow 3 Long Centre
Wellow 3 Long Handle
Wellow 3 Long Hinge
Wellow 4
Wellow 4 Handle
Wellow 4 Hinge
Wellow 5 Curve Handle
Wellow 5 Curve Hinge
Willow 3 Centre

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If you will be installing your own door or have a builder, we offer free home delivery of your new door.

Solid Core vs Standard GRP

Solid Core
The Solid Core door is made from sixteen layers of laminated timber. This ensures the grain is not running in one direction. The grain can be the weak point of timber and can lead to warping or splitting. By using sixteen layers of lamination the grain is running in multiple directions ensuring the core has increased strength and rigidity. Bonded to this are two robust coloured PVCu skins that offer a realist wood grain effect or smooth finish in a range of colours.

GRP Foam Filled
A typical foam filled GRP construction has only a small section of the door which is actually solid. The door is made up from two GRP skins bonded to a solid frame which is then filled with high density foam. The Gel coated GRP skins which are bonded to the frame are vulnerable to scratching.

Available Colours

Standard Colour

Standard Colour

Standard Colour
Black Brown

Standard Colour
Black Cherry

Standard Colour
Irish Oak

Standard Colour
Chartwell Green

Standard Colour

Standard Colour
Duck Egg Blue

Standard Colour

Standard Colour

Standard Colour
Silver Grey

Standard Colour
Anthracite Grey

Standard Colour

Flat skin Only

Flat skin Only

Flat skin Only
Alux Graphit

Our favourite traditional installations

Door Specification

The door comes complete with a Sculptured frame (Chamfered is available on request) in a choice of twenty two coloured foils as well as plain white or cream. There is also the options of a 57mm low PVCu threshold instead of the normal 77mm as well as a 24mm aluminium which can also have wheelchair ramps fitted. Timber is naturally renewable and our Timber is purchased from sustainable managed forests and can be recycled at the end of its useful life and not destined for land fill.

Year Lifespan

Solid core composite doors offer a product lifespan of around 35 years offering quality for years to come.

Timber Core

Timber is naturally renewable and our Timber is purchased from sustainable managed forests and can be recycled at the end of its useful life and not destined for land fill.

Hurricane Tested


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