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  1. What are cookies?Cookies are little packets of information that are stores on a user’s computer by their web browser following a request by the website they are currently browsing. Depending on the type of cookie, they can last just whilst the user is browsing a website, or they can last for months or years.
  2. What are they for?A few reasons that cookies are used are:
    • to allow a website to tailor web pages to the user based on historic data.
    • to target advertising based on historic data.
    • to monitor traffic flow and website usage so that website improvements can be made.
    • to facilitate financial transactions.
  3. Who uses them?Almost all websites use them in some way, especially if e-commerce is involved.
  4. What is The EU Cookie Law?Since 26 May 2012 UK companies have been required to comply with The EU Cookie Law, which states that websites should acquire users’ consent to use cookies and to be more transparent about the cookies that are used.
  5. According to the ICO guidance, ‘implied consent’ is consent enough. This is where a user is informed that if they continue to use a website following being advised that it uses cookies, they are deemed to have given their consent.
  6. What does this website use cookies for?This website uses a small number of cookies. We use them:
    • during the checkout process by our e-commerce module.
    • to monitor the use of the website using Google Analytics.
    • to keep track of logged in users.
    • to track whether the user has been shown the Cookie Implied Consent Notification on a previous visit to the site.
  7. What if a user blocks cookies using browser settings?Users may use their browser settings to block cookies but the website may not work as expected if they do.
  8. How does a user delete cookies from their computer?Popular web browsers usually have a function to remove all cookies (and other privacy data). This can usually be found under the menus like Tools/Settings -> Clear/Delete browsing history/data.

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