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Fire Door Guide

The Composite Door Shop offer a wide range of hardware to suit our various door styles. Stunning in design and long lasting, there is something for everyone. We hope you find our guide to FD30s composite fire doors useful. 

What does an FD30s Fire Door do?

The purpose of a fire door is to slow the progress of a fire to other areas of the building, as well as restricting the passage of dangerous smoke from one room to another. FD30s FIRE DOORS have often become life savers, as they provide valuable time for building occupants to escape and for the emergency services to arrive at the premises to intervene.

How fire resistant are composite doors?
We supply 30-minute FIRE RESISTANT DOORS suitable for a wide range of situations and applications such as internal entrances to individual flats, house to garage entrances and communal dividing doors. Whether you need them in order to comply with fire regulations or simply to provide some peace of mind and additional safety to yourself and your family, our FIRE RESISTANT DOORS will do the job.

FD30S Approved Fire Doors
Our Composite fire door range is FD30S-approved and all models are high quality Composite Doors. As well as a fire-tested UPVC frame, our range of fire doors also feature innovative fire resistant double glazing, available in Obscure or Clear glazing styles. Fire rated door top lites and side lites are also available if desired, making it possible to combine building safety with a stylish aesthetic. Our FD30s fire resistant COMPOSITE DOORS can be supplied in a number of colour finishes such as white, black, green, red and blue.

Fire Doors and Security
Security is not compromised either as all doors will come with PAS24 security and an overhead door closer as standard. Other door furniture includes spy hole, letter box, knocker and door numbers finished in either Gold, Chrome, Black, White and satin silver.

We offer both supply only and an Install service on our FD30s FIRE DOORS so whatever requirement you need we will have it covered including full site survey for installs.

Automatic Door Closers
FD30s Fire doors have to come with what is called a “DOOR CLOSER” this is fitted either as a concealed closer or an Overhead Closer. These self-closing devices will close the door automatically behind you thus help preventing a fire or smoke to spread.

Concealed door closers are an aesthetically pleasing mechanism for closing fire doors within commercial and residential buildings and less likely open to Vandalism as they can only be seen once the door is opened as they are fitted down the closing edge and into the frame.

At The Composite Door Shop we offer both types of door closers, from traditional concealed chain door closers to more advanced overhead door closers.

FD30s Fire Door Intumescent Products
Having appropriate intumescent products installed to FD30s composite fire doors is of paramount importance for any commercial or residential building. At the Composite Fire Door Shop we have a wide range of models and style of door that guarantee a solid and proficient method to ensure fires and smoke are prevented from spreading. By installing the correct effective Intumescent fire seal products will ensure safer routes are available during a crisis fire situation and helps to prevent further damage to other areas of your building.

Fire & Smoke SealInstalling intumescent sealed products are the perfect way to alleviate any possibility of fires spreading and causing both structural damage and possible harm such as smoke inhalation to any people present within the building.

Intumescent seals expands once exposed to extreme heat, allowing the gaps between doors and the frame to be sealed in a safe and sturdy fashion. This area of the door requires optimum solidity as it will be the most vulnerable during a fire related incident.

The outbreak of a fire will also cause rooms to be filled with smoke and harmful toxins. This can be greatly reduced or even eradicated by installing the correct Intumescent sealed products, which have been specifically modified to prevent both fire and smoke leaving affected rooms as well as ensuring unaffected areas remain unexposed. These products adopt a long brush which will prevent the passage of smoke and therefore increase the safety and proficiency of your building during a fire.

The locking mechanism and any hinges can also be protected with intumescent seals as this will further strengthen your doorway during a fire and ensure its structural integrity remains intact. By sealing these components on your FD30s composite fire door, you will have provided the maximum level of solidity and ensured the adherence to local building regulations that may be applicable to your building.

Letter boxes are another area of doorways that could be exploited by fires unless they have been protected in an effective manner with Intumescent seals. Letter box’s fitted to a CompositeDoorShop FD30s fire door are intumescent sealed so during a fire this will further strengthen the structure of the door.

Without a fully certified manufactured FD30s Fire door installed in your property your insurance policy could be invalid in the event of fire damage.

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CF5324 Doorstop Data Sheets 20180327

Door-Stop FD30S Installation Guide FEB 2018

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