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Purchase Agreement

Read our purchase agreement.

These notes are supplemental to the companies Terms and Conditions for full terms and Conditions see our Terms & Conditions and are provided for the technical /commercial guidance of all customers using our web sites to advise the typical processes and procedures as apply to each individual purchase from Practical Doors Ltd T/A Composite Door Shop.

The Practical Doors Ltd group of which Composite Door Shop is a member company strongly recommends that all prospective customers acquaint themselves with these guidance notes and the companies Terms and Conditions before proceeding with any purchase.

Practical Doors Ltd reserves the right to amend our product range at any time. We reserve the right to correct any omission or error in any of our sales literature, online information, customer paperwork or other document without any liability to us.

All prices and specifications, whether produced online or otherwise, are subject to survey and qualification.

Every attempt has been made to ensure colours shown are accurate, but due to printing processes (in the case of printed documents and brochures etc.) and materials used, or due to discrepancies on settings between third party browsers and devices, colours may be slightly different on screen or on print compared to the finished door.

Please note that all CAD images shown are visual representations of the door and not intended to be taken literally. We strongly recommend all customers view our online gallery or request installed pictures for real life images of the doors. Colour samples are available on request; please contact us to request a sample.

As a part of our installation service we take pre and post installation photographs for record purposes – by agreeing to these Guidance Notes and the Practical Doors Ltd Terms and Conditions the purchaser accepts that the Practical Doors Ltd or any of its subsidiaries may use these photographs for marketing purposes. Should any customer object to this use of photographs please advise the company in writing and the images and any supporting text will be removed from the web site immediately upon receipt of the notification.

Every attempt has been made to ensure glass is represented as accurately as possible within the limitations of displaying a transparent material in print / on screen.

The Website is owned by Practical Doors Limited. Registered office: LB Group London, Number 1 Vicarage Lane, Stratford, London, E15 4HF

To further assist our Customers we have separated these purchase Agreement Notes into those which apply to our DIY Customers and those which apply to our full purchase and installation service.

Notes applicable only to DIY purchases (Supply only)

Assistance – In order to assist you with your purchase should you be experiencing difficulty with the web site or be unfamiliar with dimensional requirements etc our Sales team are available during normal business hours to answer all of your technical queries – if you should require this service please use the contact number shown on the web site

Price – the price for any door to be purchased for DIY installation (Supply only) will be as it appears on the given page of the web site

Payment – All DIY Installations (Supply only) must be paid for at the time of order either using the secure credit card / Sage Pay facilities which are incorporated within the ordering system facilities of the web site. Payment by any other means cheque etc will require prior discussion with a member of our Sales team

Your Order – immediately upon receipt of your Order it will be checked and an Order Confirmation will be issued to you electronically – you will be required to review this Order Confirmation and advise any changes or cancellation within 24 hours.

Delivery –Upon completion of the manufacture of your door you will be advised by “e” mail of the proposed delivery day should this date not be suitable we require that you contact us within 24 hours to arrange a suitable alternative – please note failure to take delivery on the agreed date will incur cancellation and re delivery charges.

Guarantee – when you purchase a quality composite door from Practical Doors Ltd the integrity of the door is guaranteed for 10 years (with the exception of Oak colour doors) The glass and hardware will be guaranteed for 5 years. For installation orders all parts needed within the 5 year install guarantee will be replaced at our cost. After this time, parts will be supplied direct to the customer for them to install. Should a third party be used, Practical Doors will not be liable for these costs.

All supply only orders claimed against guarantee will be supplied direct to the customer. Any costs involved in fitting this parts will be down to the customer. Practical Doors Ltd is not liable for any third party fitting costs.

Notes applicable only to full purchase and installation services

Assistance – In order to assist you with your purchase should you be experiencing difficulty with the web site or be unfamiliar with dimensional requirements etc our Sales team are available during normal business hours to answer all of your technical queries – if you should require this service please use the contact number shown on the web site

Price – the price for any door to be purchased inclusive of installation will be as it appears on the given page of the web site


  • A £95 deposit is required with every installation order prior to acceptance of the order by Practical Doors Ltd . The remaining balance will be taken after the survey is completed.
  • It is important that you check the information provided in your Order Confirmation as we will be unable to amend the door style, colour etc. once the door has gone into production. For customers using the Sage Pay facility this means that once the survey has been completed and you have agreed for your card to be charged, no change can be made to the order.

Home Survey Conditions-

The purpose of Practical Doors Ltd conducting a Home Survey is to ensure that correct dimensions are taken prior to manufacture of the new door it is therefore requested that either the customer or their representative be in attendance when the surveyor calls in order that any problems which may be discovered can be addressed prior to installation.

If building works are currently in progress on the property the customer is also asked to have the builder or site manager present.

If at the time of survey neither the customer, their representative nor their builders cannot provide relevant information this may require another survey visit at an additional cost of £40.

For guidance purposes we would advise the following as the typical items which may prevent or compromise the survey

  • It is the responsibility of any customer living in a conservation area to ensure that the product we are supplying is suitable and allowed by the local authority. Practical Doors Ltd accepts no responsibility for checking these details, and any cancellation on this basis will not result in a refund.
  • The structural opening must be present when we arrive to survey we cannot proceed if this is not the case, should a further visit be required to survey once the opening is prepared this will be at an additional cost of £40.
  • In the event building works are currently in progress requiring a new floor which has not been installed the customer (or representative on site) must agree a floor level with our surveyor and confirm the agreed level by witnessing the surveyor’s documentation. Practical Doors Ltd accepts no responsibility for issues with floor level or clearance once this has been agreed and witnessed by the customer as a part of the site survey.
  • If there are any electrical cables or wires running through the existing door frame that will obstruct the installation of a new frame (or cause a potential hazard), it is the responsibility of the customer to have these removed by a third party before the installation takes place. The customer must agree a date for installation to be scheduled after any works to remove live wires/cables have taken place. If on the day of the installation it is found live wires still remain, the installation may not be able to go ahead and in this instance there will be an abortive visit fee payable by the customer at the full value of the fitting cost.

Should the customer be unwilling or unable to have such works carried out Practical Doors Ltd reserve the option to cancel the order without refund to the customer.

All doorbell wires/alarm wires must be removed prior to the installation, and it is the responsibility of the customer to reconnect these afterwards as this is not included in our service.

  • Where the customer that has an electrical entry system connected to the current door the customer is requested to notify Practical Doors Ltd before the survey is carried out. Where required Practical Doors Ltd can supply doors with electrical opening devices (at an additional cost) but as we do not undertake any electrical works the customer will have to make independent arrangements with a third party electrical engineer to complete the installation.
  • Where an existing alarm sensor/s are fitted to the existing door and these are to be retained on the new door the customer will be required to liaise with an Alarm Engineer who will be required to remove and reposition Practical Doors Ltd accept no responsibility for defect arising out of any electrical / alarm works carried out.
  • With reference to the previous two items – where the electrical/alarm remedial work is limited to tasks such as repositioning sensors or similar tasks that can be undertaken without the involvement of a third party engineer – upon request by the customer Practical Doors Ltd Installers will always endeavour to assist in such matters but neither the Company or its representatives will accept any responsibility should our actions result in any system becoming inoperable.
  • On the day of survey our surveyor will check to ensure the door has a lintel present. This is a Statutory Requirement of Building Regulations – if no lintel is currently in place or we cannot validate the structural integrity of the opening we cannot proceed with the installation of the door.

As Practical Doors Ltd cannot supply or install lintels, remove brickwork or otherwise carry out any aspect of structural building work.

Where a new lintel is required to be installed the customer will have to have this work carried out by a third party prior to our installation of the new door if the at this stage customer wishes to cancel the order due to the additional third party costs the initial deposit paid to Practical Doors Ltd will not be refundable.

  • Please note that in certain dwellings it is a legal requirement that the door is fire rated for 30 minutes (FD30s). This includes (but is not limited to);
  • Flats/apartments (both in corridors and on balcony’s)
  • Garage doors that lead from the house directly into the garage
  • Shared entrances/main doors to multiple entrance dwelling

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine whether a fire door is required before placing the order. Practical Doors Ltd can supply and install FD30s composite doors, and if this is not what has been ordered Practical Doors Ltd will advise the customer of the alternative FD30s option doors to allow a decision to be made as to whether they wish to proceed, should the customer require cancellation of the order after the survey reveals a fire door is required (but has not been ordered), the deposit will not be refundable.

Design Restrictions

  • There are restrictions on particular door designs and locking systems. Should the survey reveal that the current aperture size is not suitable for what has been ordered, we will contact you to discuss the alternative options. If customers are in any doubt as to the suitability of their door choice they should, before placing their order, contact Practical Doors Ltd direct with rough measurements of the opening and photographs s of the current aperture / installation and we shall advise suitability or otherwise.

Installation & Final Finish – what is included

  • Our standard installation service includes fixing frames directly to brick/block work, expanding foam products will only be used where excessive voids are to be made good to prevent draught ingress and we will as far as is possible prevent such foam entering any cavity between brickwork skins. In the absence of alternative instructions (and at the discretion of our installers) we will typically finish with uPVC architraves (colour matched to the frame), silicone seal and ‘make good’ any consequent damage.

For the purposes of each and every Installation carried out by Practical Doors Ltd ‘Making good’ is defined as patching up any damage to plaster, render or brickwork the accepted standard being no more than remedial work to within two inches from the frame. The definition “Making Good” does not include painting, wallpapering, pebble-dashing or rendering and this will be the responsibility of the customer once any repairs are made good.

  • Where customers request additional work or materials that are not part of our standard installation package any additional costs will always be discussed with the customer to confirm before we proceed with additional works. This includes, but is not limited to, additional fascia boards, hardwood sills or trims, timber infills, making good particularly large areas of render/plaster or pebble-dash.

Emergency callouts and locksmiths

Practical Doors Ltd in conjunction operate an emergency call out service for malfunction of locks however as we operate on a national basis we cannot always guarantee an immediate service – in order to comply with our “emergency call out service” customers will be notified at the time of purchase of the procedure they are required to follow – which is –

  • In the rare event a malfunction with the locking system renders the door inoperable, the customer must make every attempt to call us direct for Practical Doors Ltd to authorise further action.
  • If the malfunction should occur outside of business hours the customer must seek the services of a third party. Any costs incurred by an emergency locksmith visit will be reimbursed to the customer direct by Practical Doors Ltd, but only in the event that the customer can produce an invoice or receipt for the works and as long as the call out fee does not exceed £100. The customer is asked to only have the door secured and made functional by a third party. Any replacement parts required will be supplied/installed by Practical Doors Ltd as part of the warranty. Any claims to cover costs of parts supplied by a third party that are otherwise covered under our guarantee will not be refunded by Practical Doors Ltd.

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