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Making the most of your front door

A front door is the first chance you have to make a great impression with your house so do spend some time making the most of it, especially if you are looking to sell your property in this tough economic climate.

You can quickly tell if a front door is cheaply made so to make the best impression it’s worthwhile spending a bit extra on a quality front door made from the finest materials. Composite front doors, whilst made from the most durable and toughest materials also have wood look finishes to create a modern front door with an attractive, traditional look.

Nice hardware for your front door can make all the difference. When you approach a front door the first thing you do is look for the doorbell or door knocker – if these features are attractive and well made they can make a big difference to a visitor’s first impression of your property. Also consider investing in additional attractive front door hardware like spyholes, handles, letterboxes and door numbers. All of these are included in our bespoke front doors and you can choose from many different styles whilst designing your own front door.

Front door accessories

If you’ve already got a great new front door, there are still things you can do to compliment it and bring out the best in your house.

If you have a front porch, pot plants and hanging baskets are a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up the front of your house. Just pot up cheerful flowers or buy a ready made hanging basket and give your front door a welcoming feel.

Don’t forget door mats! Now readily available in furniture and hardware stores in many different styles and colours, a front door mat is a great finishing touch to any front door.

Take a look at the Composite Door Shop for bespoke front doors made from durable composite materials to make the best first impression of your home.

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