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Contemporary Composite Doors


As well as being the most eco-friendly front doors on the market, our premium range of contemporary composite timber doors offer a comprehensive selection of designs for all kinds of buildings, private properties and commercial spaces wanting to create a modern first impact.

Contemporary front doors such as those found in our Italia range are becoming increasingly popular with new dockland and warehouse style housing developments. Characterised by sleek lines, geometric shaped windows and designer furniture (handles and spy holes) the Italia range offers a sleek look for the modern property. Check out the Milano and Palermo designs for a contemporary look and choose from a range of finishes from soft Irish oak to bright
colours that will set your door apart from the rest.

Not just for houses, our designer range of front doors have been installed in business properties too. A great example of this is the trendy wine bar we recently supplied, who are making the most of their image without compromising on security or function by installing a Milano composite door in Anthracite Grey.
A modern design composite door would also be great for boutiques, cafés and other such premises. Using a composite door in this way is good because they have strong resilience to wear and require very little maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about the place looking scruffy or run down a year or two later (especially if your business is busy with people always coming and going through the door). A stylish contemporary composite door is a great investment that you will appreciate for many years.

So, if you’re looking for a door to fit your modern apartment, or maybe you just want a door that is a bit different to the average door (and not just in appearance), take a look at the range of contemporary composite doors on our sister site – Composite Timber Doors. They also stock a more standard range of styles with the same great quality and choice.

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