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What is a composite door?

A composite door is an exterior door made from a multitude of materials, instead of a singular material such as wood or upvc, which have been chosen specifically for their beneficial properties. Read the full article "What is a Composite Door?"


Why are composite doors considered to be better than other doors?

Composite doors are the latest addition to the door industry, and have been designed with the knowledge of the flaws of previous doors. Because of this knowledge and the freedom of using multiple materials, composite doors have been designed to phase out old flaws and create a whole new standard of door. Read more about composite doors phasing out common flaws.


What are composite doors made from?

For a more detailed cross section, please view our composite door cross section pdf.

  1. Dedicated 70mm PVCu outer frame with galvanised steel reinforcement.
  2. Composite PVC subframe for superior stability.
  3. Hardwood inner frame reinforcing for torsional rigidity.
  4. Injected thermally insulating polyurthane foam core (100% CFC free).
  5. 2mm PVC edge banding with ash grain effect embossing routed to match lock face plate & hinge.
  6. 2mm GRP grained surface with through colour to ensure the door skin will NOT warp, twist, bow or crack and never need painting. The GRP skin also has a high resistance against denting.
  7. Part ‘M’ compliant low threshold for wheel chair access. Available in gold, silver or black and comes with twin weather seals & tested to BS6375.
  8. Cill options from 150mm, 85mm or no cill.


What colour is the inside of the door?

All of our composite doors have a WHITE INTERIOR finish to ensure a light and airy feel to the inside of your hallway.


How long do composite doors last?

According to data from the Housing Association Provident Mutual and the Building Research Establishment, our composite doors are expected to last 35 years, if moving parts are oiled yearly.


How much do composite doors cost?

The cost of composite door shop doors is dependent on several different factors, such as composite door style, composite door colour, composite door hardware, composite door security extras, composite door size, whether you want your new composite door installed by us etc. The easiest and fastest way to determine the cost of a composite door for your property, is to use our composite door designer. This special designer allows you to see the price of the composite door as you select the options you want. You don't need to sign up or give any details, unless you want to save your quote or order a door.


Can I get a composite fire door?

Absolutely - we sell FD30 composite fire doors. Unfortunately, these are not available through our online door designer, but read all the info on our Composite Fire Door page and then give us a call to discuss your requirements and/or place an order on 01582 791180.


How do I order from the Composite Door Shop?

All composite doors are ordered online via our unique door designer. The ordering system is clearly laid out and includes all design options and manufacturing parameters to ensure your quote or order can be processed entirely online by you. If you need any help, the 'i' buttons provide easy to understand information - or you can call or email us for assistance (please see the contact page for details).


Can I fax you a quote?

There is NO need, everything can be priced in seconds online to get an instant price.


How much is delivery?

We deliver our composite doors to most places in mainland UK for FREE! If you're unsure whether we deliver to you, please visit our Delivery Locations page or contact us. There is a small charge for KW,IV,AB,PH,PA Postcodes, Isle of Mann and Isle of Wight, as well as the highlands of Scotland.


How long will my order take?

All of our composite doors are custom built to your specifications. From the point of order confirmation, doors take between 3 and 7 working days.


Why can I not change the backing glass on some designs?

This done to standardize stock and enable efficient turn around of the composite doors in a very short lead time.


Can I pick a custom glass?

To allow you to source your exact glass requirement locally, we offer most of our range unglazed.
We do offer custom glass designs for composite doors installed by us.


Does my composite door require registration with FENSA?

Doors with less than 50% glazing are exempt from requiring registration with FENSA under Part L of the Building Control Regulations.


Are there different qualities of composite door?

Yes, composite doors vary in quality both between manufacturers and depending on the materials used. At the Composite Door Shop, we use only the highest quality materials in our composite doors - fibreglass instead of uPVC for our front door skins and thermal foam injected into the core instead of polystyrene. All our composite doors meet high quality standards, backed up by a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.


Can composite doors be made to measure?

All of our composite doors are made to the measurements given to us by you.
If you need help measuring your door, see our composite door measuring guide (pdf).
Minimum and maximum composite door sizes.


Can composite doors be painted?

Our composite doors feature a coloured skin. As the colour runs throughout the skin, rather than coating the surface, it does not wear away or fade like painted doors do. This makes the colour long-lasting and reduces the level of maintenance required to keep the door looking smart. All you need to do is clean the door with a sponge if it begins to look dirty.


Can composite doors open without a key?

We offer two different types of locking - composite doors which can be opened without a key if the deadbolt hasn’t been locked (the standard function for back doors) and composite doors which require a key to gain entry from the outside whether the deadbolt has been locked or not (the standard function for front doors - the door can be opened from the inside without a key unless the deadbolt has been locked).
The options can be chosen under ‘Handle Type’ on our Composite Door Designer.


Can you get composite side panels?

Yes, we supply composite doors with matching composite side panels. These composite side panels can match the composite door in colour and glazing, or you can choose contrasting options.


How do I care for my composite door?

Caring for your composite door is simple. To get the best from your composite door, it is important to oil the hinges and relevant hardware on a yearly basis. Apart from that, the only maintenance required is to wipe the surface of the composite door when it needs cleaning.


Are composite doors draughty?

Composite doors should not be draughty. If you are experiencing draughts, make sure that your composite door is properly fitted and that the hinges have been adjusted correctly.


If you have any questions about our composite doors, please contact us via the form below.




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