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Custom Made Front Doors Quick

If you are in the market for a new front door and you need one fast, we can supply a custom built composite door in as little as 3 days. Choose the specification you like from our many options, preview your design, enter your measurements and order today. We will send you an email with your delivery date in under 24 hours. For most specifications, this date is usually just 3 working days from the point of confirmation.

So if you are looking to replace a broken front door in a hurry, look no further. Composite doors offer superb value for money, with a lifespan of around 35 years - much longer than any other type of front door. Once your composite door is installed there is virtually nothing to worry about for the lifespan of the door. The low maintenance door only requires the occasional oiling at the hinges and a wipe down when it gets dirty and that is it!
Composite doors have been designed with exceptional precision, which enables them to cope with day to day usage in a much greater way than other front doors. Wooden and uPVC front doors gradually wear away and become affected by extreme weather which either rots them or warps them. Composite doors resist weathering and are far more stable during heat changes, so you can enjoy using your door for many years without worrying about when you will have to fix or replace it. With a long insurance-backed guarantee, in the unlikely event of a fault, you can rest assured that it will be sorted out quickly and efficiently.


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Cheap Composite Doors?

Good value? Affordable? Definitely! But we do not stock cheap composite doors. Our composite doors are top quality and come with a very comprehensive guarantee to give you complete peace of mind when choosing to buy from us.
While we offer superb doors that are budget-friendly, we do not think of our composite doors as being 'cheap'. This is because cheap doors bring to mind flimsy, low-quality doors that do not last. One of the main reasons our composite doors are such great value is that they are built to last - meaning that over time you feel the benefits of quality instead of suffering because of 'false economy'.
uPVC front doors are a prime example of cheap front doors. Most commonly they are flimsy doors that change shape over time, so that years down the line you end up with a range of problems, such as the door sticking in the frame or gaps appearing between the door and the frame where draughts come in.
Our composite doors are made from an engineered timber frame and a PVC sub-frame to keep the door rigid. The face of the door is tough and durable but lightweight fibreglass, styled to appear exactly as grained wood. The composite door is injected with a thermal foam that ensures the best insulation. The design of the door is such that it does not react to changes in heat like uPVC or wooden doors do. It keeps its shape throughout its long lifespan, giving continuous easy operation and protection from the elements and potential threats to the security of your property.

If you are looking for a cheap front door, it is advisable to work out the lifespan and energy efficiency of each door to work out the true value. The cheapest option at the time may not work out to be the cheapest option in the long run and you could end up paying out to have to replace the door sooner than you hope, whilst missing out on the decent quality you could have enjoyed.


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Top 5 Front Door Styles

The front door is often the first impression that your home gives, or at least a big part of that vital first impression. The right front door gives off the impression of a well-tended, stylish and secure home. To get this, you need to find a door that is durable and easy-to-clean or low in maintenance, so that it will remain looking good without too much effort. It will need to be in a style that suits the rest of the home, as well as looking good in itself. Lastly, it needs to be made from strong materials so that it doesn't appear flimsy or easily weakened.

Composite Door Style #1 - Kensington front door

The Kensington front door is probably one of the most popular composite doors due to its simple design, which allows it to fit unobtrusively in many different styles of home. The design can be personalised by choosing different colours or different glass designs to fit in the two rectangular windows.

Composite Door Style #2 - Chigwell front door

Very similar to the Kensington, but with slightly angled glass at the top, keeping the simple design but setting it apart slightly.

Composite Door Style #3 - Dalston front door

The Dalston composite door has two arched windows, giving it a softer look than the Kensington.

Composite Door Style #4 - Mayfair front door

The Mayfair composite door is a very smart design, with a range of glass options. Many people opt just to have a one glass Mayfair front door - which is an arch or a wheel window at the top. Allowing light in without anyone being able to see in. Others opt for the 3 glass Mayfair - which has two rectangular windows and an arch at the top.

Composite Door Style #5 - Finsbury front door

The Finsbury composite door has a large arched window, allowing plenty of light into the house. Certain glass designs can be used to obscure the view and protect privacy, while still allowing light to enter.


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Exterior Front Doors

When people first visit your home, the front door is the first impression they will get. Even if you are someone that does not care much about appearances, imagine how a worn out front door with peeling paint and cracks would look to a potential attacker. Your home would look vulnerable, like and easy target, with poor security.
A good front door not only smartens your home and gives a great first impression, but it protects you from all manner of things - both poor weather conditions as well as intruders.
When you know what to look for, choosing a new front door does not have to be a difficult job. You can confidently choose the perfect door for your home and situation. Using independent reviews and other customer's feedback, you can choose a reputable front door company with a quality product. Choose a colour and style that suits the style of the rest of your home. Think carefully about this; regardless of the quality and condition of your new front door, if it is a colour that clashes, it will look tacky and out-of-place.
The type of front doors is dependant mainly on your budget, although it is worthwhile to spend extra if possible to get the best quality and good longevity. Composite doors are the most modern door available. Because they are so new, they are relatively unheard of, and it is a common misconception that uPVC doors are the most modern front door on the market due to this.
Composite doors have a highly attractive appearance and are some of the most desirable front doors around, in that they look like wood but have all the benefits of modern technology advances. These benefits include a greater longevity, greater protection from the elements and higher security levels.


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Composite Doors Improve Your Home

Making changes to your home can be a costly process. Some changes are purely for aesthetic reasons and only result in increased pleasure in the appearance of your home. Many changes will alter the use or efficiency of your home, which can give results such as saving time and saving money. If you are on a tight budget, as many people are at the moment, it is best to prioritise these improvements so that those that give you the best results or save you the most money, which you can later reinvest in the lower priority improvements. Poorly planned and unnecessary improvements can end up costing more than expected or have poor results.

A good place to start is often insulation. This can include several different things; loft insulation, wall cavity insulation, double glazed windows and insulated doors. Each one helps to reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home, which can bring massive savings in your heating and energy bill each year.

Composite doors can be used as front doors or as back doors. These modern, wood-look doors are better insulated than any other door. Although uPVC front doors are pretty efficient, composite doors are built to last much longer and phase out any of the issues found in other types of door. They are built from an outer shell, which can either be made from light fibreglass or uPVC, grained and coloured to look like wood, and filled with an insulating core. This insulating core is either made up from polystyrene in cheaper composite doors, or an insulating foam that is pumped into the core. Any glazing in the door is either double or triple glazing, ensuring heat is not lost. Because old flaws have been designed out of composite doors, they remain tight fitting in the door frame, so there are no gaps to allow in draughts.


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New Front Door Hardware

When it comes to buying a new front door, you may be given a range of options to choose from. Although this may seem daunting to most, with a little knowledge it can be beneficial to choose exactly what is right for you.
To get a quick composite door, sometimes it is best to choose the default options. In the case of hardware, this makes no difference.

Often a choice between butt and flag hinges. Butt hinges are more discreet, but are set in place, whereas flag hinges are easily adjustable.

Different handles allow for different functions. For example, a split lever handle allows the handles to work independently of one another. Access from the outside requires a key at all times, whereas inside the door can be opened without a key unless the locks have been thrown and the door is dead bolted. The handle has a lever design on both sides. The lever pad handle functions the same as a split lever handle, so is perfect for front doors, but on the external side there is a pad handle instead of a lever. The inside handle remains a lever. Lever lever handles are standard in back doors. This design gives the same function to both handles - when the door is locked, a key is required on both sides to unlock. When unlocked, the door remains unlocked from both sides.

Additional options:
Additional options include anything that is not vital to the doors function. These are mostly options that would be used on front doors but not on back doors.
Practical options include letter plates (letter boxes), door numbers and door knockers.
Security options include spy holes, so you can see who is calling before you open the door, and security chains that allow you to open the door slightly - just enough to talk to someone or pass letters and small packages without the risk of them pushing open the door and gaining access.
Spy holes can be integrated into door knockers, if both are desired.


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New Front Door Choices

When buying a new front door, you want enough choices so that you can select exactly what you need in a new front door. These options might include things like the appearance - a range of different colours will increase the chances of finding one that matches the rest of your property. There are (or should be) a multitude of other appearance choices, from different hardware shapes and finishes to different style front doors and different glass patterns. The material of the door could also count as part of the appearance, but with many doors mimicking the appearance of wood, it is easier to choose which is best suited for your budget and worry about the appearance of the material afterwards.
It is important to figure out how much installation will cost, if you do not choose to have it installed by the supplier. Some suppliers do not offer a choice and you will have to find your own trustworthy installer. This can be a headache, but there are governing associations that can help guide you in the right direction. Alternatively, you may know someone with enough experience to carry out the work themselves. Regardless of past experience, it is vital to read the recommended installation process that is often given by the supplier, to ensure the perfect fit and reduce the risk of damage or accidents.
Many online companies offer the best range of options at the best price. Shopping online can make it easier to compare companies and find reviews from customers on third-party websites. Without using the internet, shopping for a new front door could involve a lot of time and effort. First you have to look up potential companies, then travel to each one (during business hours), browse what could be a large number of products, keep note of each to do a comparison, possibly do your own research and taking a second look at the companies you narrow it down to before actually buying.


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Caring for Your Replacement Front Door

To make sure your door is always looking its best, and to get the greatest longevity from your front door, it is vital to give it the care and maintenance it needs. An un-maintained door can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the door, sometimes by as much as half (depending on the location, weather conditions and amount of use). The level of care and maintenance depends entirely on the door; what it is made from, how it is finished and what components it includes.

Wooden front doors require the highest level of care and maintenance. This is mostly because wood is porous and as well as being easily affected by the rain and snow, it can absorb water even in damp atmospheres. To prevent rotting, wooden doors need a good finish and this finish needs to be kept in good condition to ensure continued protection. In addition to protecting the wood, the finish often fades and discolours over time and needs redoing to keep it looking smart and bright.

uPVC doors are often thought of as the easiest to care for. Because of their plastic construction, there is no fear of rotting as with wood. Keeping the door clean from dirt is pretty easy - most of the time it just requires a quick wipe with a damp, soapy cloth. Unfortunately, a special cleaner is required to really get the best from your front door.

Composite doors are actually the easiest to care for. No special cleaner is required, and the wooden appearance won't fade or discolour. Maintenance is mostly required for the hinges - just a simple oil to keep them functioning smoothly. This is because the doors were designed to use different materials to provide the best - a great looking, high quality, long lasting, secure and insulating door.


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Making an Impact with a Composite Door and Composite Side Panels

Setting your home apart from others can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to generic features such as the front door. Even if your home is not on an estate where the surrounding homes are exactly the same style, it can be difficult to find a front door that both suits your property and your personal taste, whilst setting you apart from the others.
Front doors come in many different materials, styles and colours. Choosing a less popular option can assist with a unique appearance, but there's usually a reason why the options are not popular. Most of the time, this is due to the price. uPVC front doors, for example, are some of the most popular doors used in homes today. This is because they are both cheap in price and efficient. Wooden doors would create a more individual look, and are far more customisable than plastic, but unfortunately the price is much higher, preventing it from being an option for many people.
To give your home a smart entrance that reflects your personality, consider more than just the front door. Porches can be used, either as a simple lattice or sheltered area in front of the door which can be decorative or as an extension to your home, providing a secure area with many advantages. Another feature you can consider, are windows. Glazing can be used around the door area, giving the advantage of allowing additional light into the hallway. Clear glazing is most common, but for added privacy large windows can be glazed with a patterned obscure glass. For a really unique look, you can choose a composite door with a decorative glazing and matching composite side panels. This provides a high level of security as well as a smart and easy to maintain appearance that is not as expensive as wood.


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Front Door Fitting

When buying a front door from a large home improvement store, it is often you will have to either fit it yourself or find a qualified fitter to do the job for you. The cost of hiring a qualified fitter varies greatly and it can be difficult to know if they are truly trustworthy. A poorly qualified fitter could do damage to your new front door or even your home and without the proper insurance you could be left trying to sort out the mess yourself. It is important to note that if you plan on selling your house, most front door installations will require some form of registration or clearance from the appropriate authorities.
The best option is to buy from a more specialised front door supplier. In most cases, a specialised supplier will also have a team that can provide advice and installation services. A trustworthy company with the correct qualifications and certification should provide a comprehensive service, leaving you little to worry about. This service should include a survey of the doorway to ensure the correct size and hardware is used. Then the front door should be made or ordered to your requirements and fitted appropriately. When your front door has been fitted, the installer should test all functions to ensure it has been installed correctly and is not defective. Before leaving, you should be provided with all relevant information and the work area should be cleared up and all rubbish removed. A good company will offer to take away the old door for appropriate disposal. The cost of a full service like this from a specialist does vary but should be competitive with other similar companies. While checking the credentials of the company, make sure to check not only the length but the terms of the warranty. Both the door and the installation should have a guarantee of some form.


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Front Doors for Homes

Front doors for homes come in many different styles and sizes. A lot of modern houses use similar size, standard doors. Because of this, it can be difficult to buy a replacement front door to suit your property if it is not one of these modern builds. If you manage to find pre-made doors in the right size, it is likely there will only be a very small selection of styles and features to choose from. In the past, having a door custom made to your size requirements and appearance preferences would have been quite expensive, sometimes costing twice as much as a pre-made standard door. Nowadays, there are many online retailers supplying composite doors that are made to measure. Because every door supplied is made to the order specification, even the standard sizes, there is no large extra cost. Online-only stores tend to have much lower prices than shops as well as being easier for the customer to find exactly what they want. Shopping for front doors on the internet can save a lot of time, as it is much easier to compare companies and get unbiased customer reviews from third party websites. When it comes to investments like new composite doors, it is important not only to get a good price, but to ensure that the product is a high quality from a reputable company. A cheap door is not necessarily good value if it does not last long or poorly functions. The only downside to shopping online is it can sometimes be difficult to get advice from a salesperson. There are a few sites which offer comprehensive information about their products, which can help to eliminate any questions you may have. Most have some form of contact for any questions - either an email form or a phone number for more instant answers.


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Composite Door Installation

It is advised that composite doors are installed by a qualified installer, but they can also be installed by an experienced trades person, following a step-by-step installation guide.
Most companies that sell composite doors offer some form of installation service. Most of these, especially off-line, small companies, will only offer local installation services but on-line companies and large chain suppliers may offer national installation of composite doors.
Due to the weight of the doors (a composite door is weighted to match a solid wooden door), installation requires at least two people. This ensures installation goes as smoothly as possible and reduces the risk of injury.
Prior to installing the doors, it is important that the package is checked. Make sure the door is the correct style and colour to the door you ordered. Also make sure all the hardware is supplied. Lastly, measure the door to make sure it is the correct size. Proper preparation prevents mistakes from occurring, like discovering the new composite door does not fit after having removed the old front door.
The installation process involves carefully removing the old front door and door frame. Once this is done the cill is the first to be installed on a bed of silicone. When the cill is level, you can fix the handle to your door. Next the door, which is supplied in the door frame, is fitted. This is the part that it is most important to have more than one person, as one is required to hold the door steady while the other checks with a spirit level to ensure the door is not skewed. Once the door has been fitted evenly and fixed with screws, the door frame is sealed around the edges. Lastly, the hinges are adjusted accordingly and the functions of the door are tested. This completes the installation of your new composite door.


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Composite Doors Make Life Easier

External doors are essential to every day life. Out of all the available options, composite doors are the easiest for many reasons. Firstly, most exterior doors require a lot of work and effort to keep them functioning as they should and looking good. This maintenance could involve jobs such as removing the old finish (usually by abrasive methods such as sanding) and applying a new finish to keep the door protected. If this finish is painted on, it will require several coats, which can take a long time due to having to wait for each layer to dry before applying the next. Other more minor maintenance tasks include applying oil to the hardware and adjusting the hinges to ensure a constant perfect fit. If a perfect fit is not achievable after adjustment of the hinges, it is probably due to the door expanding during hot weather. In this case, even more work is required to correct the issue. Wooden doors can be shaved to fit if they are solid. In some cases, the door will eventually shrink close to its original size, so if the door has been altered this can cause issues like draughty gaps or leaks. 

From these examples, you can see how much effort it takes just to keep an exterior front door fully functional. Thankfully, modern design is always working to improve daily life, so there are now doors which do not need a lot of work and remain fully functional (to a degree above older doors even) for their long lifespan. These modern doors are called composite doors. The perfected design is different to other doors because it is made up of many different materials, each which have been specifically chosen for their benefits within the finished structure, instead of just one material which is likely to have flaws. 
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Composite Doors Security Benefits

Home security is an important priority for all homeowners and tenants. Good protection is vital for both the contents of the house and the members of the household. When it comes to exterior doors, composite doors provide the optimum level of security to protect any home or business. Other types of external door require expensive reinforcing and security enhancements to provide the same level of security that composite doors provide as standard. On their own, wooden and uPVC doors have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by those with experience at breaking into properties.
The security features of composite doors include an incredibly tough, virtually unbreakable exterior shell that, unlike other doors, remains stable during the heat changes of the seasons. This stability means that the composite door keeps its strength and does not weaken from the stresses and strains of daily use. Typically, a front door would shrink or expand in cold or hot weather, which would cause weakening in the material. As well as causing a general weakness, expanding doors get stuck in their frame and are then subjected to a higher level of force on a regular basis just to open or close it. This frequent extra force wears away at the door. With composite doors, this problem is avoided.
Composite replacement doors use high quality hardware that complements the level of security provided by the door itself. It would be useless to have a strong, damage-resistant door if the hinges or lock are cheap and easily breakable. The locks used have multiple locking points, so when the door is locked it is secure in positions along the frame, preventing any vulnerable points that could be taken advantage of.
For an even greater level of security, composite Secure by Design doors have additional extras like a security chain, laminated glass and a spy hole.


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Energy Efficient Front Doors

When it comes to the winter months, it is vital to think about the energy efficiency of your home. This could be in relation to your windows, insulation or front door. Having a well insulated home could not only reduce your heating bills but it could dramatically increase the level of comfort for the members of your household.
Old doors can have many issues which may not be obvious until the winter months. It is best to choose the summer months to buy a replacement front door, so it can be installed when the weather is (hopefully) OK and not exposing your home fully to the elements. Of course, you can replace your front door at any time and if your door doesn't show fault until winter then it is best to replace it as soon as possible before the problem gets any worse. Having a small leak during the occasional bout of rain in summer may not be an issue to you, but that leak could be uncontrollable during constant heavy rain that often occurs in the colder months. Such a leak could leave you with damage to your carpets and whatever is near your front door, furthering the cost.
If your front door leaks or lets in draughts, there's a strong chance that it is also insecure. So in addition to any damage caused by the leaking, you may end up paying a much higher price.
The cheapest thing to do would be to buy a replacement front door as soon as possible. This way you can prevent any further damage from occurring, provide your home with good security and also add value to your home. Opting for an energy efficient front door with an additional security certification of some sort can also help to lower your home insurance bill.


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Replacement Composite Front Doors

When front doors become old, they begin to wear out. This wearing often reduces the protection the door offers, the appearance and the functionality. The front door is less likely to offer the full protection against the elements. It is likely to be weakened, so it no longer offers its full potential of security protection. The appearance is likely to be discoloured, scratched, chipped or with worn furniture. Lastly, in terms of functionality, the hinges or locks are likely to be worn, causing issues and the door is likely to have twisted, warped, expanded or shrunk - causing the door to get stuck in the door frame.
When these problems occur, it is important to replace the front door with a new door as soon as possible, so your house is fully secure and protected from the weather.

Choosing a new front door can be a lengthy process. There are many, many websites that offer replacement front doors, as well as department stores and sometimes even small local suppliers.
Composite doors make excellent replacement front doors, due to their superb properties in comparison to other types of front door. Although the price of composite doors is mid-range, the longevity of the door and the savings on your bills from the energy efficiency of the door, ensures that they work out to be the best value front doors on the market today. There are many different designs of composite door, to suit every type of home - whether it is modern, a new build or a traditional or period-style home. The number of different choices available allow you to get exactly what you want from your front door, down to the finest details. You do not have to make do with a generic door that looks like everyone else's doors. You can choose the best features which suit you and your home and represent your personality.

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Front Door Buying Guide

It is likely that if you are buying a new front door you either have a new build home which requires a door, or you need a replacement door for an existing home. Many people only replace a front door after the existing door has failed in some way - either it no longer keeps the elements out or it has sustained damage which prevents it from providing a secure entrance to your home.
Often the only considerations are style, price and protection based on previous experience (i.e. if you have had a leaky front door in the past, you will be careful to ensure you get one that doesn't leak this time). There are many different things to consider though, and by carefully considering the options before making a purchase, you can ensure that your front door provides the best security and all-round protection from the outside world.

One of the many considerations is your own personal needs. Do you have members of your household who are vulnerable? If you do, you will perhaps want a replacement door with extra security measures, such as enhanced locks and reinforced glazing. Maybe there are people in your home who are susceptible to changing weather such as cold draughts and extreme heat. This would require an energy efficient door that keeps the outside climate outside.
Disabled members, the elderly or the very young would benefit from access features, such as a low threshold, to make everyday usage easier and minimise the risk of accidents occurring. Raised steps and cills can make access difficult for wheelchairs and pushchairs and also pose the risk of tripping or falling.
Other personal needs can include the hardware you would prefer - such as a letterplate within the front door, a door knocker and/or a spy hole.


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Composite Cottage Doors

A cottage front door is a panelled door which, as the name suggests, is best suited for a cottage or other traditional or period style home. Originally they were only available in wood, for its warmth and charm, but cottage doors are now available in more modern materials such as composite cottage doors. These front doors have the same appealing appearance of wood but with the advantage of modern technological advances, such as high security, great energy efficiency, a long lifespan and low maintenance.
Although wooden doors are very attractive and have the appeal of being made from natural materials, they have many downfalls:

  • Wooden cottage doors tend to be weak due to the panelled design. Each join of each panel creates a vulnerable point which can weaken further over time.
  • Being exposed to the elements, rot can easily set in, reducing the lifespan of the front door.
  • To help prevent the elements from wearing away at the front door, wooden doors require sanding and painting/varnishing every few years.
  • Traditional wooden cottage doors do not usually have a high level of security. A standard, single point lock is usually fitted, which offers only a minimal level of security.

Composite cottage doors are made with all the appearances of the traditional wooden versions, with the panelled appearance, classic designs and wood grain look and feel. Instead of actually being panelled, the door is made from a solid skin. This eliminates the weak points in the door, offering better security. In addition to this, the doors are provided with multi-point locks, so the front door is secured to the frame in several positions down the frame. Because the exterior is made from fibreglass, there is no labour-intensive maintenance required. The front door will not rot and remains protected from the elements with a long lifespan. The door is filled with an energy efficient foam that increases the thermal quality of the door to over six times that of the wooden version.


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Front Door Impressions

The front door is often the first impression of a home. Usually in view from the street, the front door gives an impression not only to visitors and passer-bys, but also to potential attackers. If your front door shows potential weakness, it will be visible to those who want to exploit it. For this reason, it is important how your front door appears - not just for aesthetic reasons. Old, worn wooden front doors may be stylish in certain properties, but weakened wood is a vulnerability to the security of your home. Contemporary front doors, like uPVC front doors, also have their issues. They also weaken over time, and discolouring of the door is a signal that the door is old.
Composite exterior doors are smart contemporary front doors made from fibreglass. They have a wooden appearance ingrained in the skin of the door, making it look more genuine and less fake. The advantage of having a composite door fitted is that they are very durable and low maintenance. They provide the best security available and do not weaken over time like most front doors do. Each component, from the hinges to the glazing, has been carefully designed to ensure the finished structure is of the highest quality. Composite door manufacturers set a new high standard for the door industry.
The low maintenance aspect of composite doors means you don't have to worry about sanding and painting your front door. The colour is also ingrained in the door skin, meaning it will not fade or discolour. Your door will always remain looking smart, giving a good impression to visitors, and potentially reducing the likelihood of any attempted attacks. If a burglar is not put off by the appearance of quality, composite doors have such a good level of security that not only is the attacker unlikely to gain access to your property, but the door is unlikely to sustain any damage from any attempts.


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Front Door Colours

Front doors come in many different colours, depending on the suppliers and the materials used. Some materials, such as uPVC, are restricted in the colours. More often than not, they only come in white. Wooden front doors have more flexibility over the colour. Because the colour is applied to the front door, rather than ingrained in the material, it can be sanded off and redone if desired. You also have the choice between staining your front door with varnish, enhancing the natural wood appearance, or to paint over it with glossy colours.

Composite front doors come in a choice of seven colours. These colours are ingrained in the tough GRP skin of the door, so they cannot be changed, but they do have the advantage of being incredibly resistant to damaged and easy to maintain. The skin also features an imitation wood grain. Unlike uPVC doors, this wood grain is embedded in the door to make it both look and feel as authentic as possible.

The first front door colour available is white. This white is bright and glossy in appearance, and unlike other front doors, will not fade or discolour over time. It may get dirty, but it is easy to clean - just get a damp cloth and rub it down.

In addition to white, there are four front door colours available. These colours include red, blue, green and black. Blue is a classic colour for homes and creates an attractive entrance. Red is for those who want something a bit more bold and different. It makes a striking first impression. Green front doors can really set off red brick houses. Black is another classic choice, creating a refined front door, ideal for most homes.

Lastly, there are two wood-imitation front door colours. These are dark wood and light oak. These look stunning in properties with a traditional style and make it easier for the door to be matched to wooden windows.


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Front Doors for Coastal Areas

Homes in coastal areas often encounter many problems with anything external. Strong winds, which often blow sand and salty water that have an abrasive effect, lead to erosion. While the coastal eroded look is sought after for stylish home furnishings, it is a big issue when it comes to windows, external doors and other objects designed to offer protection.
Wooden doors in coastal areas require twice as much maintenance for a considerably shorter lifespan than the average front door. This is due to the abrasive winds chipping away at the painted or varnished finish and wearing it down much faster. This means the front door would need to be painted or varnished more often to keep its protective layer in tact. Even when it is protected, the additional moisture in the atmosphere can cause the door to rot much sooner than in non-coastal regions.
Although uPVC doors tend to survive these conditions better than wooden doors do, the flimsiness of the front doors can cause other issues.
Composite doors are the best suited front doors for homes in coastal areas. Their structure prevents moisture from penetrating any parts which may rot or degrade. The composite skin of the front door is highly resistant to scratches and dents, so would provide strong protection from damage by abrasion. In addition to these benefits, composite doors are filled with an insulating foam which makes the door up to six times more energy efficient than wooden front doors. Combine this with the advantage that composite doors are tough and do not bend or warp so do not cause draughts, and you have the perfect front door that can withstand extreme weather conditions as well as providing more than adequate protection for the home.


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Front Doors and Weather Resistance

If you are looking to replace your front door, one of the features you may look for in a  new front door is a better resistance to weathering. Your old front door may have sustained considerable damage from the elements, which has influenced this decision. If your old front door was wooden, it may have become rotten, warped, or even cracked. uPVC doors often suffer with similar issues from exposure to seasonal changes; the doors warp, expand and discolour. 

How do you avoid these issues?  Unfortunately, most of the time you can't. Although regular varnishing or painting will help prolong the lifespan of wooden doors, they will still eventually rot. Reinforcement of the door can help prevent twisting and warping, but the materials will weaken over time. There is not much that can be done to prevent uPVC doors from becoming discoloured, as it is just the nature of the material.

Luckily, advances in front door technology mean you can now buy a front door which is not susceptible to changes in the temperature, the wind and the rain or the sun's harsh UV rays.
Composite doors were created to phase out the design flaws of other front doors. These doors are created using different materials, which, when combined, make a front door that is unaffected by the weather. The fibreglass skin does not warp or expand, so the door does not weaken, become stuck in the frame or leave gaps where draughts could occur. The ingrained colour won't fade over time so there is no hassle of painting or varnishing the door. Composite doors also do not rot if exposed to wet climates. Even in areas with extreme weather conditions, composite doors fair better than any other front door. 
In addition to these benefits, composite doors also provide an enhanced level of security and good energy efficiency. 
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Front Doors Online

When you need a new front door, there is a lot of choice, both off and online. Buying a front door online may seem complicated but in many ways it is easier than shopping for a front door offline. For starters, you don't have to find time to go from shop to shop looking for what you need. You can browse at a time which is suitable to you - night or day. Because there are many online retailers, you can browse different suppliers easily without moving from your chair.
Another advantage to buying a front door online is that you do not have to deal with sales people trying to influence your decision. Instead, most websites provide a wealth of information for you to browse through, if you need to. In addition to the information supplied on the retailers websites, there are also other websites which can guide you impartially, and community websites where people discuss and review retailers. These can all assist in making a wise decision on your front door purchase. When shopping in offline shops, without first researching, you often only have your instincts and a biased sales person to guide you.
In the past, buying a front door online would be a lengthy process due to the ordering process. This often involved sending off your details and waiting for a quote to be sent back to you. Once you had your quote, you had to order by printing off or downloading an order form to fill in. In recent years, the majority of online front door retailers have updated their ordering systems to allow for users to get both an instant free quote and order online. Thanks to these changes, you can get and save quotes from several different retailers on the same day and compare at your leisure. The online ordering systems often allow for the user to save their quote and come back to it later, so you can access it instantly at a later date - whether you need to show someone else the quote or just need some time to consider the choice.


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Front Door Maintenance

To give your front door the longest lifespan possible, it requires maintaining. The level of maintenance required varies from front door to front door, depending on many factors.

High Maintenance Front Doors

In the high maintenance category are wooden front doors. These doors require a vast amount of attention on a yearly basis to keep them looking good and functioning well. Un-maintained wooden front doors will eventually rot or provide a poorer performance, so it is highly important that the maintenance is kept on top of. A wooden front door that is not maintained will have its lifespan cut in half.
The maintenance required includes a yearly oil of the hardware, which is standard for any door. The high maintenance aspect involves the door to be sanded and painted or varnished between every 1-5 years, to ensure the surface of the door is well protected. Wooden front doors which are located in full sun or near the coast will bear the brunt of weathering and may require maintaining on a more regular basis to keep the door looking smart.

Low Maintenance Front Doors

Two types of front door are included in the low maintenance category. The first, are uPVC front doors. These are most often the plastic white doors, common in modern homes. They also require the yearly oil of the hardware to ensure the hinges remain operating and do not wear away with friction. In addition to this, the doors only require cleaning when they get dirty. Because they are made from plastic, there is no risk of rotting. Most of the time you can wipe the doors clean with a damp cloth, but more stubborn dirt and stains could require a special PVC cleaner. Even with the cleaner, the doors will discolour over the years. An un-maintained uPVC front door only has its lifespan reduced by roughly 2 years in comparison to a maintained front door.
Second in the category of low maintenance front doors are composite doors. These doors require much the same maintenance as uPVC doors, with the exception that they are easier to clean so never require a special cleaner. Their special surface also has a higher level of resilience to weathering, so a composite front door won't fade or discolour over time.

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Replacement Front Doors

If you are looking for a new replacement door for your home and you are fed up of the usual quality of uPVC doors, composite doors are the solution you have been looking for. uPVC doors have so many defects, it is amazing they are as popular as they are. One reason for their popularity is definitely their low cost. uPVC doors are often used in new builds, as a cheap way to match the uPVC windows. Although PVC doors are energy efficient when they are first installed, this efficiency is often reduced over time as the door begins to wear and change from usage and seasonal changes. These changes cause the front door to swell and become stuck in the door frame, or to warp and cause gaps where draughts occur. As PVCu doors are already flimsy, sticking doors can cause many issues for the user. Doors with so many issues are a blatant security risk, and often one that attackers take advantage of. With two out of three burglars gaining access through the front door of a home, it is not unfair to assume that a high percentage of these front doors were uPVC.
With composite doors, you can eliminate all of these issues, without spending large amounts of money. Due to the construction, composite doors have few faults. Because they are unaffected by seasonal heat changes, and sturdy enough that day to day wear and tear has little impact, they don't swell, stick or cause draughts. So, what are composite doors made from? Composite doors can be made from different materials, but our composite doors are made from a tough fibreglass skin, which has the appearance of wood, a reinforced frame and thermal foam core. When combined, these materials create a tough and sturdy door that has a high resistance to damage, offering a superior level of security to uPVC doors.


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Composite Door Glazing

Composite doors with glazing can add real style and class to your home. The range of glass options available for front doors is staggering, with styles and designs to suit every taste. Different colour glasses can be matched to your composite door or, if you would prefer, contrasted with the door.
Most people have heard of double glazing, but how many people know what triple glazing is? Some composite door glass designs are triple glazed. These triple glazed composite door glasses consist of a design glass which is constructed from patterned glass, hand cut bevels and traditionally stained glass. This design glass is placed in the centre, between two clear sheets of glass, creating a triple glazed structure. The clear glass used is often a glass known as tempered glass, which is very tough. The benefits of triple glazed glass in composite doors are the usual thermal and sound-proof qualities, as well as being really easy to clean since the design with its uneven surface is trapped and the only glass that requires cleaning is the smooth outer glass.
Composite door double glazing comes in many different designs. These designs are created on the front panel of the glass and you have the option of the back glass either being clear or obscure glass. An obscure back glass would prevent people who call at your front door from being able to peak in and see your or the contents of your home. This is perfect if you do not have a hallway and your front door opens on to a main room such as a living room or kitchen. Obscure glass comes in many different patterns which gives you the choice, not only of which style, but of the level of privacy offered by the glass.


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Composite Door Locks

Composite doors are high quality front doors that add style, functionality and value to your home. These doors provide homes and business properties with a higher standard level of security than any other door. This high level of security is down to many factors - the materials used within the structure of the door as well as the hardware used, such as the composite door locks.
Front doors are definitely one of the most vulnerable access points to your home. When you consider this, you begin to realise just how important it is to have a front door which provides you with the best possible security for your home, belongings and family.
The glass reinforced plastic (GRP) skin used in composite doors is incredibly strong and hard wearing. Combined with a high security multi-point lock - the door stands strong against any attackers trying to gain access. The door skin prevents access by being highly resistant - attackers are unable to break the door with force, or even dent or scratch it. The multi-point lock holds the door securely in the frame in multiple points, preventing any weak points in the structure that the attacker could take advantage of.
Composite doors come with a 6 pin cylinder lock. This high security lock prevents attackers from gaining access by picking, bumping or drilling the lock. These are all common methods used to gain access to a property through the front door. 
Glazed front doors can be a high risk to home security. Windows can so easily be smashed with enough force to allow attackers to unlock doors from the inside or gain access if the window is large. Extra security for glazed front doors, such as laminated glass, is essential to your safety. Laminated glass contains a sheet of plastic between the sheets of glass, invisible to the eye, but creating a protective barrier that remains intact even when the glass is broken.
With every aspect of security considered, composite front doors are the best choice for protecting your home or business.


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Composite Doors for Businesses

Composite doors are not just suitable for homes and residential properties, they can also be used in business properties. The high security levels offered by composite doors make them ideal for protecting businesses against break-ins and thefts. The doors can be installed as front entrance doors or any other external door, such as back and side entrances.
For larger entrances, composite doors can be installed with side panels. These side panels can be composite, in a style and colour to match the door, or glazed, to allow plenty of light in to the property.
Glazed side panels can be backed with obscure glass to protect the privacy of the property outside of business hours, if blinds are not suitable to block the view inside.
As well as the many practical features, composite doors also offer entrances that are highly attractive and low maintenance, ensuring your business premises remain looking smart and professional. This gives customers, clients and anyone else who may be important to the running of your business a great first impression.

Composite doors are highly resistant to force, making them the ideal replacement to doors which have been broken in to. Where other doors crack and give way to attack, composite doors don't even dent or scratch. Even if the assailant continues the attack, hoping to eventually gain access, the door will resist. Multi-point locks hold the composite door firmly in the frame in several places, while laminated glass prevents access from being gained through any glazing within the door. Attackers are more likely to give up due to fatigue, or just boredom, than gain access to the property through the composite door. This level of protection is vital to businesses that only operate certain hours and are located in out-of-view areas, where the building is left empty and vulnerable.


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GRP Composite Doors

Composite doors can be made from different materials. GRP composite doors feature the material glass reinforced plastic, which is also known as fibreglass. The use of fibreglass provides the front door with many benefits. One of these benefits is that the door is not affected by changes in temperature. Wooden doors and uPVC doors often shrink or swell with heat changes, causing the door to warp. This warping leads to issues such as gaps when the doors shrink, which cause draughts and affect heating bills, or sticking when the door expands, leading to a door which is difficult to open and close. Changes in the material like this can also cause issues with the door being significantly weakened. Composite doors are not affected in this way, so they remain energy efficient and fully functional.
Further benefits of fibreglass doors include high security. Because of the strength of the materials used, the front doors have a high resistance to attack. Where panels of uPVC doors could be kicked in, allowing access, composite doors do not have separate panels which can be kicked in. With enough force, wooden doors can be kicked in to the point of cracking and breaking. Composite doors have such a high strength that they will not even dent from the force of attack.
In addition to these functional benefits, the GRP skin ensures that the doors are low maintenance. There is no sanding and painting required to keep the doors looking good. They will not get discoloured or fade to a shadow of their former glory over time. They remain looking bright and as good as new. If the door gets a bit dirty, there are no special cleaners required to get them clean again. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp sponge.


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Front Door Frames

The frame of your front door is an important consideration when deciding on the aesthetics of your new front door. With coloured front door frames, you don't need to be restricted to just a white door frame. uPVC frames can come in up to five colours, including realistic wood grain finish frames. Regardless of which colour you choose for your external door frame, you can be confident that it won't clash with your interior decor, thanks to the white interior colour.
The most common door frame colour is white, but where white does not suit there is also golden oak, cherry wood, white wood grain and black wood grain to choose from. You can match your door frame to your composite door, or even to the existing window and door frames of your home. Whichever colour you choose, you can be sure that your home will have an attractive doorway.
Composite doors are supplied with the door in the door frame, ready for installation. The frame is protected during transit with protective tape, ensuring your frame arrives in good condition and also stays protected during installation.

As well as deciding on frame finish, you need to consider what type of cill and threshold you wish to have. PVC thresholds require a uPVC frame running along the bottom of the door, whereas low aluminium thresholds do not. Low aluminium thresholds offer the advantage of having no frame to step over and good wheelchair accessibility.  There is a choice of three cill options - including no cill, a stub cill and a 150mm PVC cill.


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Composite Back Doors

Most people look at composite doors and just see very nice front doors. Composite doors are not just suited to front entrance ways though. They are suitable for all external doors, both front and back, with styles and options to suit both situations.
Since most back doorways lead to an enclosed/private garden or yard, the popular option for back doors is a door with a large window, to allow plenty of light through and to allow the occupier to view the garden. For shared gardens and less private doorways, a large window can be backed with obscure glass to allow light to pass at the same time as offering privacy. For complete privacy, there are a range of entirely solid doors, or, if you require some light to pass, doors with glass in only the very top of the door.
Composite doors can open inwards or outwards, which makes them perfect for all situations - if you require a front door which opens inwards and a back door which opens outwards for example. In addition, the doors can be hinged on the left or the right. With this kind of flexibility, all you need to decide on is the style, colour and design you prefer the best.
When it comes to handles, there is also a choice of function. Lever lever handles are the most typical option for back doors, allowing the door to be opened without the key, unless the deadbolt has been locked.
The great thing about using composite doors as back doors, is they are very weather-resistant - they will not fade in full sun or rot if they get the full pelt of rain constantly. Instead of requiring fancy cleaners, when they get dirty you can just rub them down with water and a sponge. If you have pets, a composite door is perfect as it does not scratch or dent either.
Composite back doors come in a range of colours to suit your home and tastes, including dark and light wood finishes that give a traditional warmth to your home.


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Choosing a New Front Door

Until you need to buy a replacement front door, it may not have occurred to you what choices there are to be made. There are so many things to consider before you even start looking for a new front door. What type of door do you want? uPVC doors are cheap and common, but don't suit every home. A wooden door would add traditional charm, but you pay the price. Composite doors are the new, modern door on the market. You can have both the charm of a wood appearance, at a price that won't break the bank. Not only that, but composite doors come with many additional benefits - having been designed with the faults and common issues of past doors in mind.
Once you have decided on the type of door that suits you and your budget, it is time to think about other things. Appearance is the first port of call for most people. It is important that a door fits in with the overall style of your home. It also needs to look good with the existing windows and doors. When you find a door which meets these requirements, you can add personal touches - such as a fancy glass design or front door furniture.
Another consideration is the function of your door. If you live in an area with a high-crime rate or have valuable possessions in your home which require extra security, you need a door which can keep any potential attackers out. Criminals often learn tricks to get in through doors which use standard security measures, so it is important to have the highest security possible which prevents this from happening. Multi-point locks keep the door secured to the frame in several places, providing a higher level of security than locks which hold only the centre of the door.
More and more people are concerned with energy efficiency, whether it is because of environmental concerns or due to the rising costs of energy bills. Choosing a front door with good thermal insulation can prevent heat escaping and reduce your energy bills. Composite doors can also help block out the sounds of the outside world, perfect if you live near a busy road or have noisy neighbours.
Finally, assess the true cost of your new front door, you need to know the durability. A uPVC door may be cheaper, but will it last as long? Composite doors have a longer lifespan than any other door on the market, giving you true value for money.


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Buying a New Front Door

Choosing a new front door for your home can be a difficult task. There are so many front doors to choose from, where do you start? If you go browsing for a new door in the shops, you will probably end up getting more confused - there are so many different front doors to choose from, and sales people tend to relay different information which only serves to manipulate your decision.

Nowadays, you don't have to leave your house to buy a new front door. Buying a front door online is easy, and can often work out in your best interest. Instead of being hassled and intimidated by sales people, you can browse at your leisure. Instead of traipsing from shop to shop and back again to compare doors and prices, you can just do it on your computer with a cup of tea in hand! Buying a door online is getting easier and easier, with more ranges being displayed fully online for you to browse, instead of having to order a brochure. Online ordering systems are being introduced, so you don't have to email and wait for a quote - you can just type in your measurements and choice and get the price there and then. With instant online pricing, you know you are not being mislead with inflated prices, which most sales people use when calling to give you a quote. When they call, they will give you an inflated price and then gauge your reaction - adding on 'special' discounts until you sound happy with the offer. Buying a front door online can cut out this misleading sales technique, by offering you the best price the company can offer. You can use this price to compare it to other companies and types of door before making your final decision.

Another advantage of buying online is that if you don't understand something, you can look up unbiased information. This ensures you'll be buying the front door you want and that meets your requirements, rather than ending up with a door that sounded good in the store but doesn't quite meet up to expectations.

Ordering is easy, and most suppliers will provide an installation service if required. Delivery timing varies from type of door and company, but you could receive your door as little as 3 days after ordering.

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Composite Front Door Furniture

Composite doors can come with a range of front door furniture. This hardware comes in different finishes for you to choose your preference to match your front door. The Composite Door Shop supplies their composite doors with high-quality Yale door furniture. This front door furniture has a special finish, known as a PVD finish, which gives it a high resistance to damage. This means you do not need to worry as much about scratches, scuffs or possible corrosion from chemicals. The finishes on offer include a classic brass colour, a smart and modern chrome or matt black. The brass and chrome have a high-shine finish that is long-lasting.

The front door furniture and finish you choose all depends on the style of your front door and your preferences. If you are ordering composite side panels alongside your composite door, you can opt to have your letterplate in the side panel, instead of the front door. If you already have a doorbell, you may prefer not to have a door knocker. Maybe someone in your home is vulnerable, and you require a spy hole to allow you to see who calls at your home without opening the front door. All of the composite door furniture is suited to match, so you don't end up with a letter plate that is a slightly different colour to the door handle or door knocker.

In addition to the optional extras, you get to choose the function of your front door handle. There are two different functions and two different styles to meet your requirements - including lever handles and pad handles.

To finish your front door, you can choose numbers and/or letters to have on the face of your door. This is ideal if you do not want your house number to be on your door frame or next to your door.


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Composite Doors with Side Panels

Wide front entrances that lead into dark hallways could really benefit from the use of side panels. Side panels are the glazed panels around the front door. There are many combination of side panels - including small side windows, full length side windows, a singular window on one side, top windows and combinations of all sides. Some side panels are available with an attractive window sill. To protect your privacy, glazed side panels have the option of obscure glass. Obscure glass is a patterned glass design which can obstruct the vision of the window, protecting your home from people peeking in. Obscure glass comes in a range of different patterns, each has been graded with a level of obscuration to assist you with choosing the best for your home.

For ultimate style, composite doors can be matched with composite side panels. These side panels have the same wood grain appearance as the composite front door. They come in several different styles, as the composite doors do, and the colour can be matched or contrasted with your front door. The additional benefit of composite side panels is that if you don't wish to have a letter plate in your front door, you can have it in the side panel instead. Composite side panels are available with different glass designs which can also match the glass design in your composite door. For those who do not need extra light, there is a composite side panel design which is entirely solid.

The Composite Door Shop will soon become the first composite door supplier to incorporate composite side panels into their advanced online ordering system. This means you will easily be able to choose and design your composite side panels, while keeping an eye on the price, as you can your composite door.

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Bespoke Doors at Affordable Prices

Buying a new front door can be difficult if your entrance is not one of the standard sizes. You can't just go into a shop and pick up a front door that will fit. Instead, you have to go the expensive route of having your door made to measure. This can be a very lengthy process, which may involve having your entrance measured professionally, having to wait while your front door is made and having to make sacrifices on the look and features of your door to compensate for the expense. These sacrifices may be purely aesthetic, or they may extend to the function or security of your door. If you have a high budget, you may opt for a custom made door anyway, even if your front entrance is a standard size, to get the door of your dreams. If you are on a limited budget however, features you may have liked or required may be left off your new front door.

Of course, if you are buying a front door from a shop that only offers bespoke doors, a shop with prices that are similar to those found in your typical door shop that only has a selection of standard sizes available, then it doesn't matter if you have an awkward sized entrance; as long as your front door fits within the minimum and maximum size parameters, you can have your door made to measure without having to spend a fortune on a service that is more specialist than the usual services offered by the store.
The Composite Door Shop is an online-only store offering bespoke composite doors. All the front doors are made and delivered to your home within a week. Because the prices are affordable, you can opt to have everything you need from a door without having to make sacrifices.

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Front Door Security

Your front door is the main access point to your home. It makes sense that this is also the first place burglars and potential attackers will assess for vulnerabilities. Experienced attackers will know what to look for in a door, where the weaknesses that can be taken advantage of lie. For example, a common weakness in a uPVC door is the panels. It is well known that with force in the right places, these door panels can be kicked out, allowing the attacker to reach in and unlock the front door. Certain techniques allow this process to be done quickly and without drawing attention to the attacker, making uPVC panel doors a massive vulnerability in home security.

To protect your home and your belongings as best as you can, you need to invest in a fully secure front door. The Secured by Design scheme can make choosing a secure door easier. Only front doors which have been put through intense security tests and passed are allowed to display the Secured by Design logo. Composite doors are one of the most secure options on the market today. The GRP skin (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is the main reason behind this. Unlike wood doors, composite doors resist force - kicking or attacking a composite door with a heavy object will not cause the door to crack, or even dent. Unlike uPVC doors, the panels of composite doors cannot be kicked out. In addition to the security provided by the GRP skin, composite doors come with a multi-point locking system. The benefit of such a system is that the lock holds the composite door to the frame in several places, unlike a standard lock which will usually hold the front door to the frame in only one place, allowing for weak points along the rest of the door length.

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Composite Front Doors - Quality Energy Efficiency for your Home

There are many reasons to consider the level of insulation that is in your home.

Perhaps you are concerned about your impact on the environment. A home with poor insulation allows heat to escape through the walls, roof, windows, front door and back door. Heat loss of this type makes your home colder and requires a higher level of heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature, increasing your carbon footprint in the process.

Maybe it is the cost of your heating bills that concerns you. Heat escaping through gaps in front doors and back doors and poor insulation in general is pennies (or pounds) out the door. It has been shown by many studies and research that the initial cost of properly insulating your property with thermal doors, double glazed windows and roof insulation could be recouped within as little as a year - depending on the previous level of insulation in your home. Many people are put off by the initial cost, but it is worth it in the end - both to your finances and your general well-being, which is increased from having a well-insulated home during cold weather.

Maybe your concern about insulation is because your home is occupied by somebody elderly or otherwise vulnerable to the elements. Even with the heating on high, cold draughts under front doors, back doors or windows can be a risk to those susceptible to the cold.

Lots of people already know the ins and outs of good insulation. Loft insulation, wall cavity insulation and double glazed windows are all subjects that are talked about a lot. What about when it comes to doors? Wood doors and uPVC doors may provide a passable level of insulation, especially when they are new, but over time the weather changes the door - hot and cold weather can cause these doors to swell and expand, leaving gaps in the door frame where draughts can come in. Most uPVC doors can be adjusted on their hinges to improve the fit when this happens, but warping can cause permanent changes to the door. Composite doors provide the best insulation. Composite doors are filled with a thermal foam core which provides insulation that is up to six times greater than a wooden door. Not only that, but composite doors don't change with the heat over time. If your composite door is properly fitted, you won't experience any draughts.

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Front Doors - A Short History

It has always been important for shelters to have an entrance door that protects the users and contents from the elements and any other risks of the outside world.

Front doors of the past were most often made from some form of wood. Oak and pine are the most popular timbers used in the wood doors of today but in the past, a range of different wood species would have been used, depending on what was available in the surrounding area.

Although wooden doors were charming and worked well over the years, they were expensive and most of the time they were not very thermal. Because of this, uPVC doors were created. These more modern doors were much cheaper in comparison. In many cases, they were also more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, uPVC doors also had their faults. Not only were they not really all that attractive, but their construction was flimsy. The panels of the uPVC door could be removed if enough force was used, causing the uPVC doors to be a great security risk. It became obvious just by looking at the uPVC doors that they were easy to break into.

For these reasons, composite doors were designed. These more recent doors improved upon both wood and uPVC doors, in many many ways. Composite doors not only have a greater energy efficiency than any other door, but they are secure, attractive, affordable, long lasting and low-maintenance. Composite doors offer much better protection from both the elements and potential attacks, at a price that works out to be more affordable when you take into account the lifespan of the doors.

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